We are making this as an independently funded film rather than approaching a broadcaster for a commission to give us the maximum editorial freedom.

In addition, by making this film independently, we will own the rights and the distribution worldwide, maximising our chance to get viewers and impact.

As noted above, we intend to have the film edited by September next year (2017) and then submit it for entry to the Sundance film festival, the flagship documentary festival, of January 2018. At Sundance, the major broadcasters such as HBO buy the rights to documentaries for the following year and then fund their distribution.

Funding & Distribution:

This will not be a high budget film by the standards of theatrical (cinema) documentaries. The key staff are willing to work for much less than their standard rates as this is a passion project.

We want to fund it through loans and donations, with repayment of the loans coming out of a set percentage of the film’s sale and theatrical showings.

Though of course with any creative project there is a risk, we are confident that we have every chance of making a profit and repaying investors in full, with the potential of making a substantial return on investment.

If there are funders who are ready to commit substantial amounts of the budget, we can enter a negotiation about Executive Producer credits on the film in exchange.