This subject matter needs a strong ‘hook’ to grab a mainstream audience. It needs a compelling central story.

Due to sensitivities around high profile individuals, we will not post full details online, but are happy to share it with potential funders.

It follows a real-time hero’s journey of insight, healing and growth as our main character, and some of the people he meets, begin to understand and assimilate many of the experiences they have gone through.

Making sense of his experiences, he uses the insight he gains to help others in similar situations to understand and assimilate their own.

The film also has strong elements of both detective story and exposé as we go and investigate those who are playing a very dangerous game in creating these extreme experiences in the name of spiritual growth, abusing the trust of those who follow them. He returns to confront some of those who have abused his trust and that of others.

We are influenced by such documentaries as ‘The Act of Killing’, (Oscar nominated in 2014), in that the most powerful films are those which show a process of transformation and realisation on the part of the subjects. This is a key part of our film – to show the process of opening, awakening and healing ‘as it happens’.

We have already had expressions of interest from domestic broadcasters in the UK, such as Channel 4, and we are confident that the subject and treatment will be in demand.

Throughout this we are asking the question – what are these states and experiences about – using this story to ask whether there is a perspective that mainstream culture and medicine does not grasp.